Adventures of a Teacher Nerdfighter

Nerd life really is better than regular life.

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Thank you, Nerdfighteria!

Inspired by a friend’s post, I wanted to send some love to John, Hank, and Nerdfighteria for the positive impact this community and its many projects have had on my students. I asked my current fifth and sixth graders what they have learned from John and Hank, and what it’s like being a Nerdfighter. Here are some of their responses:

-       Nerdfighter life is better than regular life because you get to be a complete nerd without anyone thinking you’re crazy.

-       In Nerdfighter life, you don’t get teased for who you really are.

-       You get to be yourself! ALL. THE. TIME.

-       I can be a nerd without being judged.

-       Being a nerd just means you like things more than normal, and that’s what makes you special and unique among others. I learned from John that being called a nerd is not an insult. If someone calls you a nerd, take it as a compliment.

-       Nerdfighters see things in life more… awesomer than regular people. Nerdfighters have a bigger imagination, in my opinion. Nerdfighters understand each other, even if they have a different nerdiness.

-       Nerdfighters do not care about what people think about them. They do what they want to do.

-       I love to be a Nerdfighter because I can geek out about HP (and HG) and Minecraft commands (and people actually listen to me!).

-       Nerdfighter life is epic. You can be a nerd without being judged about it.

-       It helps you realize that being weird is great. Being “normal” is a mirage. If we were all normal everyone would be like walking, talking robots. Normal isn’t something to be desired. It helps you accept that being weird is awesome because others are weird like you too… and if people give you sideways looks, don’t worry. That means you are weird or different, which is a total compliment. DFTBA!

-       You get to meet people you have similarities with and finally have people who get you.

-       You can rant about whatever you want and people won’t think you’re weird. Even if someone judged you, you wouldn’t care.

-       You express your knowledge about one or more topics that you love so much that you get too excited over.

-       You can love something as much as you want, without people thinking you’re weird. You can help other nerds who are afraid they’ll get teased.

-       You are also allowed to talk about how much you love something, and everyone appreciates you.

-       You can express your inner nerd and nobody would care! It’s also really cool when someone gets infected with “nerd syndrome” and they become interested in something new. I learned that people can be really judgmental, but if you are confident and you jus’ don’t care, people will admire and respect your nerdiness!

-       People don’t make fun of you for liking something so much.

-       You can talk all about video games and everybody will listen.

-       You have other fellow Nerdfighters who are willing to listen to you go on and on about the things you love.

-       I get to share all my nerdy stuff and learn new nerdy things. You don’t get to really do that in regular life.

-       You get to know lots of random facts from other Nerdfighters.

-       You are always allowed to be awesome! No one can judge you!

-       Whenever you’re having a bad day or don’t believe in yourself, just don’t forget you are awesome and that your nerdiness makes you special.

-       You get to be yourself and not be binded to the modernized human society that is growing exponentially.

-       I learned from John to not forget to be awesome. This sounds simple, but it means a lot.

-       I like being a Nerdfighter because of the awesome videos about history and science.

-       In the Pequot War, more than half of the Indians died.

-       I learned that Pocahontas didn’t marry John Smith.

-       One thing I learned from John was that you should never ask “Is this on the test?” because the test contains everything.

-       What I learned from John is that Mongols are always the exception.

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One of my fifth graders wrote a persuasive essay in the form of a letter to Suzanne Collins, arguing that she should write a fourth Hunger Games book. The closing of the letter was… Wait for it… “May the odds be ever in your favor.” Nicely done.

(For the record, the most commonly used closing in our class was “Best wishes.” Nerdfighters!!!)

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